If you’re looking for a fun, fulfilling new hobby and a supportive, friendly local community; you’ll surely feel at home at Larkhill Choral Society. Catering from seasoned vocalists to more amateur singers, everyone is welcome in our choir – a fact we pride ourselves on.

Confidence, wellbeing, belonging – these are just a few of the benefits you’ll experience when you join. Not only does being part of a choir bring you into a community – a family – but the act of singing itself is a scientifically-proven way to lift your spirits, escape from the pressures of everyday life and conquer your fears. 

If this wasn’t enough, being a member of Larkhill Choral Society also gives you the opportunity to boost your musical skills, aided by careful, supportive teaching and regular communal rehearsals. Our Musical Director, Sarit Aloni, is highly dedicated and engaging – using her varied, impressive musical talents to push our members to greater and greater choral standards. With her experience across classical, folk, medieval and Gregorian chanting and jazz, we are able to experiment with many new styles with confidence. Each member flourishes under Sarit’s tutelage, encouraging us to persevere in more difficult rehearsals.

This is reflected in the sheer number and range of concerts Larkhill Choral Society has performed over the years. Highlights have included Brahms Requiem, Mozart’s Missa Brevis, Vivaldi Gloria, Handel’s Coronation anthems and a selection by Mendelssohn, Fauré and Holst as well as a number of South American themed works. With such a range of styles – classical, country and even jazz – there’s something to suit everyone.

For many members, the pride they feel after finally performing at a concert is unbeatable. It’s a chance not only to give back to the local area, but to bond with new friends and together create something truly beautiful. The real question is – why aren’t you singing already?

Larkhill Choral Society is also committed to ensuring our environment is safe, secure and hospitable in light of COVID-19. Government guidelines are strictly followed with a hand washing regimen in place before and after rehearsals, 2 metre social distancing whilst singing and compulsory face coverings, with isolation procedures if necessary. During tighter restrictions, user-friendly video technology is used. Whatever happens, we are ready to adapt to ensure we can all progress and practice safely. 


No matter your skill level, Larkhill Choral Society is waiting to welcome you into the fold. If this sounds like you, please book a free taster session [HERE] and we look forward to meeting you soon.

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