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News from the Larkhill Choral Society (Feb 2022): 

After a long break due to the Covid restrictions, the Larks resumed rehearsals in September 2021. The choir is preparing for our first public concert in two years with an exciting programme featuring three works of Faure; Requiem; Madrigal, Pavane for Choir, plus a diverse selection of popular pieces both classical and modern. 

This time we will be performing alongside members of the Wimbledon Synagogue Choir in a cooperation we hope will be repeated. Furthermore, we will be supported by some great musicians:  Dominic Irving, pianist; Rachel Luton, solo violin/viola and Philip Blake-Jones, solo baritone. 

We are all looking forward to welcoming you to our concert on 28th May, at The Garrison Church of St Alban and Saint Barbara (The Packway, Larkhill) wine and soft drinks will be available and a free finger buffet will be provided during the intermission.

[We are actively looking to recruit new members, and we offer the opportunity to try us out with two free sessions, after which we hope you will join us. With our highly experienced and motivational Musical Director we are all benefitting and the improvement in our singing is remarkable. It is hard work, but also fun....]

Date for your diary: 28th May 7 PM, The Garrison Church, Larkhill. Looking forward to seeing you then!


Previously  from the Larkhill Choral Society (May 2021): 

Like many other choirs and musicians globally, Larkhill Choral Society needed to revolutionise and adapt itself in response to the changes this year brought. Doing so was key to maintaining the strength and support which our communal singing brings, in a time where our community was apart and needed one another more than ever.

Fortunately, our choir was able to fully utilise technology to provide a rewarding choral experience despite physical distances. Online rehearsals have proved a blessing - allowing the social bond of our group to continue to flourish, whilst recording our pieces and instructing virtually so that our musical development, showcases and skills were not held back by such obstacles.

Indeed, over the past few months Larkhill Choral Society has successfully prepared numerous pieces - available below - recorded together as a choir before being carefully mixed by our artistic director, Sarit Aloni.

At present, Larkhill Choral Society is committed to a much-awaited reopening in September 2021 in line with projected government guidelines regarding COVID-19 safety precautions. We are therefore keenly preparing to ensure we provide a safe, secure and hospitable environment when rehearsals will finally be allowed to resume. 

This return to normality is the perfect opportunity to make a fresh start by joining our friendly choir, being welcomed into our community and of course - expressing your musical side! We would love to bring new members into our fold and our doors are firmly open for anyone interested: whether you have been an avid singer for years, or simply like joining in when the radio comes on; Larkhill Choral Society would be delighted to have you.

Free term-time taster sessions can be booked here [contact-us-here] and we’d love to have you with us on a more permanent basis if you enjoy the experience!

Listen to some of the recordings (video clips) we have made this year:


Special Thanks - Sponsors

We owe huge thanks to Gisela Graham London for its generous donations, given to us throughout the past years, enabling the choir to continue its musical journey. Much appreciated! 






We would also like to thank the Wiltshire Council, through the Amesbury Area Board, for their generous grant to us in the summer of 2016. This enabled us to purchase our own Yamaha keyboard and accessories and also to upgrade and develop our sound system. This equipment has been a great asset in both our summer and Christmas concerts as well as in rehearsal sessions. Thank you very much!


crossin the boarder

 Anthony Bird from FromeFM radio station (96.6 FM) presenting three pieces of the Frostiana concert, sang by the Larkhill Choral Society on April 2016. Listen 

"We meet the Larkhill Choral Society, who are on the lookout for new singers".

Listen to the BBC Wiltshire Radio on the Marie Lennon's show, broadcasting an interview with the Larkhill Choral Society (15 June 2016). Listen 




LARKHILL Choral Society performed Autumn and Winter of The Seasons by Haydn just before Christmas at the Larkhill Regimental Church.
It was so good it made me go home and buy a CD...All this was suggested by the Stella Quartet - quite an achievement from four stringed instruments and a harpsichord. Mists and metaphors fitted the Salisbury Plain music – making exactly in this winter concert. There were great risks and great rewards for both audience and performers on this extraordinary night in December.

Frances Howard
Valley News January 2015

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