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Update from the Larkhill Choral Society: We regretfully announce that due to the Corona-virus implications our next concert (16th May 2020, Faure Requiem) is being cancelled. Our next concert is planned for the 12nd of  December 2020 (Christmas Concert), and the choir is planned to start rehearsals again in September 2020. We wish you all good health and hope to see you soon!

Listen to some of the highlights (video clips) from our last concert "Brahms Requiem": (click on titles)

Brahms Requiem

Bridge Over Troubled Water

Cor Mio, non mori?


Latest News: A new Youth Choir is on its way: 

the Young Larks Choir

When: Tuesdays  5:00 - 6:00pm

Where: the RC Lady Queen of Peace Church, Kandy Road, Bulford, SP4 9AA

Starting date: 6th November 2018

  • Larkhill Choral Society wishes their Musical Director Sarit Aloni well in her exciting new venture setting up the Young Larks Choir and are happy to host a link to the new choir for children aged 8 to 12. For more information and registration visit the 'Young Larks Choir' tab HERE.

Special Thanks - Sponsors

We owe our thanks to Wiltshire Council, through the Amesbury Area Board, for their generous grant to us in the summer of 2016. This enabled us to purchase our own Yamaha keyboard and accessories and also to upgrade and develop our sound system. This equipment has been a great asset in both our summer and Christmas concerts as well as in rehearsal sessions. Much appreciated!


crossin the boarder

 Anthony Bird from FromeFM radio station (96.6 FM) presenting three pieces of the Frostiana concert, sang by the Larkhill Choral Society on April 2016. Listen 

"We meet the Larkhill Choral Society, who are on the lookout for new singers".

Listen to the BBC Wiltshire Radio on the Marie Lennon's show, broadcasting an interview with the Larkhill Choral Society (15 June 2016). Listen 




LARKHILL Choral Society performed Autumn and Winter of The Seasons by Haydn just before Christmas at the Larkhill Regimental Church.
It was so good it made me go home and buy a CD...All this was suggested by the Stella Quartet - quite an achievement from four stringed instruments and a harpsichord. Mists and metaphors fitted the Salisbury Plain music – making exactly in this winter concert. There were great risks and great rewards for both audience and performers on this extraordinary night in December.

Frances Howard
Valley News January 2015

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