Event Date:  13 April 2013 – 7:30pm

Location: The Garrison Church of Saint Alban the Martyr
Larkhill, SP4 8NA
Wiltshire, UK
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Beethoven’s Elegischer Gesang, Franz Schubert’s Mass in G and Faure’s Requiem Easter Concert – performed at Larkhill on 13 April 2013. This was a well matched programme of classical music from three famous composers and ending with everyone’s favourite – Faure’s Requiem. 

Though not published until 1826, Elegischer Gesang op.118 actually dates from 1814 and is a song of mourning or sorrow dedicated to Beethoven’s friend and patron Baron Johann Baptist von Pasqualati of Osterberg.  It is one of his least known works and is not often performed or recorded.

Schubert’s Mass in G was composed in 1815 and was one of three ‘shorter’ masses he wrote.  The mood of this piece is more along the devotional religious piece and therefore lighter than the Beethoven.

Fauré’s Requiem  op.48 was finally published in complete form in 1890 after 4 years of ‘tinkering’, with the  intention of the piece now being performed in concert halls (rather than earlier versions for smaller venues).  This work is also focused on the dead and the path they take to God.

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